The Cup of Proclamation (The haggadah Cup

The Cup of Proclamation (The haggadah Cup

The second cup would be mixed, but not drunk. The father would “proclaim” what the Lord did for Israel in Egypt. The son then asked the question,   “Why is this night different from other nights?” The son’s question was connected to the drinking of the second cup.

The father would then answer by quoting a specific section from the Scriptures (Deuteronomy 26:5-11). This exchange between the father and the son displayed how the Passover meal looked back to the exodus and redemption the Israelites received by God in Egypt.

The father then explained the parts of the meal – unleavened bread, bitter herbs, and the lamb. Explaining the significance of the meal was essentially the center of this part of the meal. To express their thanksgiving to God, the family would then sing the Hallel (“praise”) Psalms 113 and 114. This was immediately followed by the drinking of the second cup of wine.

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