The Cup of Consummation (The Hallel Cup)

The Cup of Consummation  (The Hallel Cup)

Finally, the climax of the Passover came with the singing of the “Great Hallel” (Ps. 114-118) and the drinking of the fourth cup of wine, the “cup of consummation” or sometimes called the Cup of Praise. Psalms 115-118 are known as the Great Hallel. These psalms may not mean much to us today, although it is important to learn their significance.

They were well known to Jesus and His Apostles since they would sing them each year for the Passover. The Hallel Psalms were a “script” for the one offering, the “sacrifice of thanksgiving” (Psalm 116). Once Psalm 118 was sung, the fourth cup was drunk. At this point, the meal was finished.

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