CUIB President Rev. Fr. George Nkeze Voted as VP IFCU and Africa Regional President

CUIB President Rev. Fr. George Nkeze Voted as VP IFCU and Africa Regional President

The President of the Catholic University Institute of Buea Rev Fr. George Nkeze Jingwa has been elected as Africa Regional President for the International Federation for Catholic Universities (IFCU) and one of the three Vice Presidents of the Association with headquarters in Paris for a three year mandate.  This was during the 26th General Assembly Meeting of the Association  held at St Patrick’s college , Maynooth, Dublin in Ireland from the 23rd – 27th July 2018. The role of IFCU is to

  • To promote collective reflection on their mission amongst Catholic higher education institutions;
  • To foster academic cooperation in the field of research, as well as the valuation and dissemination of research results towards decision-making communities;
  • To promote experience and skill exchange among Catholic higher education institutions;
  • To represent Catholic universities at the international organizations and associations and to collaborate with them in line with its institutional priorities;
  • To contribute to the development of Catholic higher education and to the assertion of its specific identity.

Eradicating entitlement and Godfather syndrome based on aids, examination approach with job seekers than solution providers in a changing landscape where technology is seen as a catalyst of change is within the CUIB educational model which is centered on training job creators in a changing landscape.

Rev. Fr. George Nkeze Jingwa is the first African to become a Vice President of IFCU and the first Cameroonian to become Africa Regional President of the Association. His twin elections as Africa Regional President and Vice President of IFCU comes at a time when IFCU is trying to meet up with the rapid change in dynamics of education and technological advancement in a world that is constantly changing.

A changing landscape, Rev. Fr. George is no stranger to, as he has great experience in handling changes in educational dynamics and technological advancement in the world that is constantly changing with innovation and creativity.

Being a transformer and a pragmatic leader, he reformed the Catholic Educational system in the entire Buea Dioceses South West Region of Cameroon when he was appointed Catholic Educational Secretary in 2006 by Bishop Bushu Immanuel. He improved the salary and welfare situation of Catholic teachers in the entire diocese whose take home packages could barely take them home. Before his appointment as Catholic Educational Secretary, teachers were poorly paid and there were lots of court actions taken against the Diocese by teachers as a result of the deplorable situation.

As pragmatic as Rev. Fr. George Nkeze Jingwa is, he reformed the system and brought in checks and balances within the secretariat and increased the salaries of teachers.  He created a scheme which took care of all those teachers who had taken the diocese to court and solved their problems out of court.

As an educational expert, Rev. Nkeze is known for having revolutionized the educational system in Cameroon in 2013 by establishing CUIB as an Entrepreneurial University in order to address the problems of poverty, misery and youth unemployment from the roots.   As President and Pro-Chancellor of CUIB, Rev Nkeze has not only brought in so many innovations in the institution but made CUIB known internationally.

 Today in Cameroon many professional institutions have copied the educational model of CUIB and it is now common to hear educational institutions labelling themselves entrepreneurial.

Looking at the changing landscape of education in the world with the numerous socioeconomic, political and technological changes affecting educational institutions in the world, Rev. Fr. George Nkeze has positioned CUIB as the cradle of Entrepreneurship and innovation. Thanks to his leadership, CUIB is now known as the Premier game changer in mobile and Ubiquitous learning in Cameroon. This system of learning is aimed at bringing education to the comfort zone of today’s learners – the mobile device.

Providing quality education with spiritual and moral value which will contribute to the sustainable development of African continent with equal opportunity has always been Rev. Fr. George Nkeze number one priority in continent that is characterized with lot of negativity.

Creating a better Africa will involve changing the mindset of Africans who have always lived in negativity, bitterness, above all find happiness in blaming, condemning and accusing each other for their failures reason why Rev. Fr. George Nkeze founded the Catholic Berakah Ministries which is aimed at creating a new mindset of positive  thinkers in the African continent.

A mindset that is based on gratitude, praise and thanksgiving for Africans to see reasons of working together in unity, love and trust for their Fatherland built on the Catholic Social Principle of Subsidiarity which he holds dear and a leader.

Since taken over at the helm of the Catholic University Institute of Buea, Rev. Fr. George Nkeze Jingwa has carried out positive reforms that has made the university the most outstanding university in Cameroon which train jobs creators versus job seekers with a positive mindset

Rev. Fr. George Nkeze Jingwa believes that a new mindset cannot just begin at the university level but must start from the elementary, secondary school, and university so that the youths can grow up with this new mindset from childhood to the university level.

To achieve this, Rev. Fr. George Nkeze pushed for the creation of an Elementary Entrepreneurial   Academy and a STEAM High School within the university so as to build the new entrepreneurs, innovators and servant leaders of tomorrow in Africa.

The election of Rev. Fr. George Nkeze as the African Regional President of IFCU and the Vice President of IFCU has been seen as a blessing to the organization. To have a reformer like Fr. George as one of its executive board members in coordinating the affairs of Catholic Higher Education in the World.

Rev. Fr. George is one of the very few educational leaders in Cameroon who continue to push for a paradigm restructuring of the Educational System in Cameroon in order to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing social and educative landscape that institutions have to address today.

For Rev. Fr. George the way forward for Africa is to train a new generation of servant leaders, job creators and innovators who will be solution providers to the problems found in their communities.

His views on reforming the Cameroon Educational system have been widely welcome by many Cameroonians who now see the need of restructuring the educational system in the lines of the CUIB model proposed by him.

During the general assembly Rev. George presented the CUIB model of providing quality education based on hands on experiences in a changing Landscape which is centered on test based approach than hands on experience that is training students who will solution providers.

The Catholic University Model was well applauded as a new way in shaping education in Africa and the World at large in a changing landscape. The general assembly noted that with the CUIB educational model Africa will not have to rely on aids from the western world and will not have all of it youths migrating to the western world for greener pastures this is because the model is based on training youth with a positive, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset which is not based on entitlement syndrome.

Hence, Rev. George was voted as one of the three Vice President and Africa Regional President of IFCU to use the CUIB educational model in changing Catholic Higher Education in the world

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